CHARLOTTE, NC. — After enjoying a meal with her family in Southpark the evening after Christmas, Antriece Mitchell’s family decided they wanted to go to church. As they went to the driveway, they noticed their trucks had been broken into, and everything inside was disheveled and scattered.

“When I saw that, we waited, we called the police, things of that nature they said hey, go through the car and see if there’s any particular items missing. And when I went through the car is when I was like oh no, the firearm is missing, my mace gun is missing, and my knife,” Mitchell says.

The truck had been locked and was still locked when she tried to open it after the break-in.

“It wasn’t until the next day that I heard about the incident with a 14-year-old shooting a police officer, and I remember thinking to myself, vividly I remember thinking, oh I hope that’s not the firearm that was stolen out of my truck.”

Unfortunately, it was. Mitchell says she got a call from police a few days later letting her know her gun had been used by a 14-year-old who is accused of shooting a CMPD officer after breaking into a car on December 27th. It happened at Winged Elm Court off of Reddman Road. The officer returned fire. The teen did not get hit. Medic took the officer to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

“I just, I lost it. I could not stop crying. I just couldn’t believe it and furthermore to find out that a 14-year-old kid, this is a baby, right. Is breaking into cars and shooting at police.”

Her message to other gun owners:

“Hopefully this does not happen to you. Try your best to keep it as safe as possible. Try your best to keep it locked up and that’s really all you can; try your best to make sure you’re doing your part.”

Mitchell tells WCCB she’s starting a fundraiser for the officer who was struck and is matching every dollar donated. She is also planning to meet the officer in person to give him this generous gift.


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