Charlotte Business Pages is here to help entrepreneurs and small businesses in Charlotte North Carolina by providing resources across all aspects, from starting a business to financing. In the light of COVID-19, resources are needed now more than ever. We have a fantastic financial support opportunity we would like to share with you. 

As small businesses across Charlotte North Carolina make efforts to recover, many are in need of financial support. Recognizing the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses, Charlotte Business Pages is pleased to announce several changes to its Small Business Loan Fund, now known as Meck Lending. The County is actively seeking applicants for the loan fund, citing the recent changes that will make it easier for businesses to qualify and apply for the loans. 

Changes recently made to Meck Lending include:

  • Modifications to the loan requirements now positioning more individuals to be eligible  
  • Interest only payments for the first 12 months at 3.25% 
  • 9-year amortization schedule 

Businesses that apply must be located in Mecklenburg County and have annual revenue under $2 million. 

Other eligibility requirements include: 

  • No bankruptcy filing for business and/or owner within the past 5 years, 
  • No open tax liens 
  • No unpaid judgments over $1,000 (medical related exempt). 
  • Applicants must also be current with their County tax obligations. 

The loan program was designed to support non-standard lending features and help small business owners access capital. Loans of up to $75,000 are available to qualify small and start-up businesses through Meck Lending, which is a partnership with the Carolina Small Business Development Fund. 

The County is an active partner with the loan program administrator and plays a supportive role through all phases of the application and loan process. The loan process typically takes 30 days. For additional details regarding program guidelines and loan terms or to apply, visit the Meck Lending page on 

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