The City of Charlotte has dedicated a $24.5 million investment into six key corridors across the region, known as the “Corridors of Opportunity”. 

These corridors each have been identified as key areas for economic growth and community development. The city’s investments are dedicated to bolstering infrastructure and community project improvements. 

The six areas identified for this program are

  • Beatties Ford Road/ Rozzelles Ferry Road
  • ​Albemarle Road/Central Avenue
  • Freedom Drive/ Wilkinson Boulevard
  • Graham Street/ North Tryon Street
  • Sugar Creek Road/ I-85
  • West Boulevard

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These areas are vital to the economic health and prosperity of Charlotte’s communities. They serve as links that unite neighborhoods and inspire innovation. These corridors are also essential to providing businesses with the resources they need to thrive. 

The city will continue to build on previous investments throughout this initiative in order to strengthen opportunities for economic growth. 

The city has solicited proposals from qualified firms to complete a Small Business Ecosystem Assessment in the ​Albemarle Road/Central Avenue and Sugar Creek Road/ I-85 corridors. This assessment will provide key information necessary to best utilize budgets and resources in these areas. 

The strategic approach to these developments will ensure long-term growth and greater positive impacts. Each phase has been carefully analyzed to ensure consistency with community feedback and the individual needs of each corridor.

With business growth front-of-mind, this project is dedicated to filling in the gaps in infrastructure and transportation, workforce and business development, housing and code enforcement, public safety, and urban design. 

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