CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A big white fluffy dog got loose from his yard and then stuck, 170 feet down in the bottom of a south Charlotte quarry. He was first spotted there Monday. Charlotte Fire Department firefighters thought they might be able to throw down some ropes and rescue him that way. But the rocks were too unstable. The quarry company had a solution. Vulcan Materials paid out of pocket to bring in a crane from Superior Cranes. It arrived Wednesday, and down the rescuers went, coaxing the dog to them with food and pets. “He wanted to be carried back, so that created a problem,” says Rescue 10 firefighter E.J. McCormick, with a laugh.

McCormick and fellow Rescue 10 firefighter Justin Ranson have dogs of their own. They say the dog, whose name they didn’t know at the time, was happy to see them. “There’s been a lot of names that went around, Cliff was one of them, Corry the Quarry, but turns out his name was Zeus,” says McCormick.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control then took Zeus to the vet’s office, to be checked over and reunited with his family. He got a clean bill of a health, and a lot of hugs. “It’s always fun to get to do a call like that, especially save a dog, too,” says Ranson.

The quarry made sure Zeus had access to food and water between Monday and his rescue Wednesday. Sadly, the family’s other dog, Bella, also got trapped in the quarry, but did not survive. It’s unclear what happened to her.


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