CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A skinny dog that was left tied to a post on a Charlotte greenway is now sleeping in a warm bed with a full belly. A picture was posted on Nextdoor Wednesday morning with the caption “a dog has been left on the greenway.” Heather Whiteside saw it, and decided to go check on the animal at the Little Sugar Creek Greenway in south Charlotte. She says the dog was scared and his black leash had been knotted around the post. She took him to her veterinarian, who determined the dog also has a broken leg.

Surgery, plus vaccines, x-rays and physical therapy, will cost $4,000. Overnight, a GoFundMe raised more than $6,000. Whiteside tells WCCB, “I had no idea it would blow up like this. I am super appreciative. It’s been such a breath of fresh air. People will help you do the heavy lifting.”

The dog, now named Bear, has no microchip and no one seems to be looking for him. Whiteside says she will keep him. Extra money raised in the GoFundMe will go to help other homeless pets who need medical care. If you want to donate, click here, but the GoFundMe won’t be open much longer. You can also call the Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital at 704-278-8000 and tell them you want to donate to the Buddy Bear Rescue Fund.


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