CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The record has been broken for the most diamonds in a single ring. A mushroom-shaped ring contains a whopping 24,679 diamond on 41 unique mushroom petals. The Swa diamonds ring weighs nearly a pound and is valued at more than $95,000. The India-based jewelry company that designed the ring nearly doubled the previous record of 12,638 diamonds.

Plus, the 1970’s design revival is here, and one artist is taking the bubble trend to an entirely new level. South Korean artist Seungjin Yang makes his pieces out of actual balloons, that he says “cannot be burst.” Each piece takes about two weeks to create.

And, General Motors is previewing its most expensive Cadillac ever, and it’s all-electric. The automaker has unveiled a show car version of the Cadillac Celestiq. The Wall Street Journal reports the projected price tag is around $300,000.

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