CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Florida man is now a world record holder, after he went to see Spiderman: No Way Home in theaters nearly 300 times. Ramiro Alanis broke the record for Most Cinema Productions Attended of the Same Film. He ended up spending nearly $3,500 and 720 hours to watch the film 292 times, from December to March. Some days he watched the movie five times in a row. To break the record, he wasn’t allowed to nap, use his phone or even go to the bathroom.

Plus, scientists say you may want to think twice about wearing shoes around the house. Researchers with 360 Dust Analysis say leaving your shoes on inside the house could bring-in potentially harmful pathogens from outside.

And, a Taco Bell fan favorite is officially coming back. After a two-year hiatus, the fast food chain confirms the Mexican Pizza will re-appear on menus starting next month.

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