YORK COUNTY, S.C. — A York County grandmother is calling out the suspects who destroyed her wheelchair ramp at her home.  The 76-year-old Clover woman says vandals struck one week ago when she went to the store.  The woman believes someone drove a truck onto her property, and intentionally crashed into her ramp.

She says when she returned from the store, she found piles of debris in her yard, and noticed her deck was in pieces – no longer attached to her home.  When detectives arrived, they found her wheelchair ramp, broken into two pieces.  They also noticed tire tracks leading away from the ramp.  The woman says the vandals left behind pieces of a bumper from a truck used to destroy her property.

“The thing is they tried to hurt me, and it didn’t go their way.  I had my deck back to where I could use it that evening,” she says.

The vandals caused about $5000 worth of damage to the woman’s property.  If you know anything about the case, call the York County Sheriff’s Office.



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