CHARLOTTE, NC. — A ruling by a federal judge has ended the requirement that people wear masks on planes and public transportation. The Justice Department says it will not appeal the ruling unless the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes the requirement is still necessary. Some travelers at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport are still staying masked up.

“I’m fine with them making whatever decision they wanna make. That’s why I’m wearing a mask I know that it protects me and I don’t feel like I can decide what people get to do. So I’m just protecting myself,” says traveler Caleb Duplessis.

This makes international travel more complicated and confusing says VP of insurance products at Goose Insurence Services Pamela Kwiatkowski.

“If you’re flying on a Canadian airline for example you must wear a mask. So those rules apply to the airlines and country of origin that they are from so there’s a lot of confusion,”  Kwiatkowski adds.

CATS buses will not require masks. Rideshare services Uber and Lyft will be mask optional as well.


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