CORNELIUS, N.C.–Officials with the Mecklenburg County Economic Development Center announced the Financial Independent Group  (FIG) will build a state-of-the-art corporate campus in Cornelius.

FIG will be building a new campus on a five-acre site located near Westmoreland Road near the Bill Lee Freeway.  The new campus will be home to FIG, along with Alphastar Capital Management, Barnabas Capital, and Independent Property and Casualty Group.

Mecklenburg county and the Town of Cornelius are in support of the company’s $22.3 million investment through a Business Investment Program grant. The project will result in the formation of 20 additional jobs in Cornelius over the next five years.

Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioner Chairman, George Dunlap released a statement in regards to the new campus:

“We are excited about the continued investment FIG is making in Mecklenburg County by providing employment opportunities for our residents, As a County, we have worked to build and grow a renowned financial services sector that continues to draw regional and national investment into our community. FIG plays a key role in expanding our efforts to provide these job opportunities.”

Co-founders Bill and Ericka Cain, and other staff members, embrace community development as a core belief of the company and find it imperative to move forward with the expansion of the company and the construction of a new campus. Construction on the facility is expected to break ground in late 2022 or early 2023 and is scheduled to be completed by November 2023.



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