CHARLOTTE — Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden told county commissioners he plans to remove all juveniles from the detention center this winter.

McFadden said a staffing shortage is the reason behind the decision.  McFadden says he will not renew a contract with the state to house juveniles in Mecklenburg County.  59 juveniles are currently housed in Jail North in North Charlotte.  The facility can house up to 72 juveniles, and there are currently 100 staff members working there.  McFadden says those staff members are desperately needed at the main jail in Uptown.

“We had people working the pods 20 hours, and so that is a dangerous mix.  We believe that bringing in additional staff from the North would definitely help our staff, and will help with morale too,” says Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden.

Juvenile inmates 17 and under are the responsibility of the state.  In December, the juveniles housed there could be transferred to detention centers in Cabarrus County, Wilmington, and even Greensboro.  They will not be housed with adults.

County officials say the state currently owes Mecklenburg County half a million dollars due to a backlog of inmates currently housed in the county.



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