New head coach rescues the Ravens just in time for the high school football season. WCCB Charlotte’s Jeff Taylor catches up with the team during week one of official practice.

MINT HILL, N.C. — Week one of official practice is underway for several Charlotte-Area high school football teams. It’s a new start to a new season, but it also means new beginnings for the Ravens.

As of last week, the Rocky River Ravens were without a head football coach.


When official practice started on Monday, they had their man in charge. Tyson Fernandez, who graduated from Appalachian State, where he played football, was hired as the coach. Fernandez spent the past two seasons as an assistant coach on the Rocky River team.

Fernandez says it’s been amazing. “It’s been a whirlwind of fun. The kids have really taken to heart to the transition.”

Fernandez takes on a team that has six wins in the last two seasons. Two days into practice, he has a message to his players, “Keep it simple and keep it fun.”

The Ravens are already buying into that message and are motivated for the upcoming season.


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