CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The journey to make it back to playing a game in Charlotte has been a winding one for Chanin Scott. The Myers Park grad went to Georgia Tech after high school and played for three season’s. After her fourth was cut short due to injury the Charlotte native moved closer to home and transferred to North Carolina A&T.

“It kind of feels like a full circle for me,” said Scott. “Especially with being able to play at an HBCU. In the locker room at GT [Georgia Tech], people would talk about like, man, if I had another year I’d go to an HBCU, everyone says that, and I really did it.”

Scott excelled on the court last season with the Aggies earning first-team All-MEAC honors while also receiving her MBA and punching a ticket to the NCAA Tournament. She returned to A&T for a second season and because of that will get to play in Charlotte next month.

“I think I found out the tournament was in Charlotte when I was rewatching a game.” Scott recalled. “It said that it was going to be in the Queen City, and from there I just knew that they were talking about my city because I have the Queen City logo tattooed on my ankle. I’m very proud of where I came from.”

This is A&T’s first season competing in the Big South making it a perfect opportunity for them to experience playing the conference tournament inside Bojangles Coliseum just like every other school

“I know there’s a lot of people who have wanted to see me play ever since I was in college, and maybe they couldn’t make the game to Atlanta or even the more local ones to Wake Forest and Raleigh.”

“So to be able to play in my home city, my hometown, where I know a lot of people would love to see me play. They’ve been keeping up with me through the years, so it really does motivate me  and makes me want to play hard because I have all these  people that care about me and the program that I’m a part of.”

Scott leads the Aggies in points, rebounds, and assists as they sit in the middle of the Big South standings and are ready to make a run.

“For me personally, we’re an HBCU and I don’t know how people view us, but, I just want to make sure that there’s no question that we should be respected regardless.”


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