CHARLOTTE, NC – North Carolina reproductive rights advocates are working to preserve legal abortions in North Carolina following the leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court.

“It is a big loss for lots of people in the state and around the country,” said Tara Romano.

She is the executive director of Pro Choice North Carolina. The group fights for reproductive rights.

“It just makes it harder to get any kind of care. So we think it’s really tied up to marginalizing different types of health care that really are common,” said Romano.

Romano says she’s uncertain about what the future will hold. And that they’re focused on ensuring North Carolina law remains unchanged.

“We just have to work that much harder to protect the access that we do have in North Carolina,” said Romano.

“That is the main point that abortion is still legal today. People can access abortion care,” explained Irena Como.

Como is the deputy legal director for the North Carolina ACLU. She says if the draft opinion becomes final, it will have a devastating impact on abortion access.

In North Carolina a law that passed, but was found to be unconstitutional bans abortions after 20 weeks, with few exceptions.

If the Supreme court opinion is finalized, that proposed ban could become law.

Como says this will likely be the top issue driving voters to the polls in the next election.

“It is more crucial than ever that people make their voice heard on this issue in the election,” said Como.


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