ROCK HILL, S.C. – A gruesome case of animal abuse in Rock Hill to tell you about. Police arrested and charged 35-year-old Calvin Nabritt for cutting off the ears off a kitten. Police found Nabritt inside a vacant apartment late Monday night. That apartment is above the Canaan Koontz’s apartment, who said he realized someone was up there when he heard the water running. Koontz tells us, “The guy cut its ears off, just the tips, it looked like. And, they were straight cuts. It was horrible to look at. Very sensitive clearly, every time you’d touch him (the cat would) wince.”

Rock Hill Police left the kitten with Koontz and his wife to care for it overnight. On Tuesday, the couple brought it to York County Animal Control, where it is being cared for. Nabritt is charged with ill treatment of animals and resisting arrest.


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