CHARLOTTE — It’s a big holiday weekend in the Queen City, and once again some local businesses are experiencing a liquor shortage.

Dion Beary snapped photos of empty shelves at the ABC Store on Sunset Road in west Charlotte.  He was planning to invite friends over for a Halloween party, but he says he couldn’t find enough supply of alcohol to serve his guests.

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“You know, I really can’t believe this is what our ABC stores look like the night before one of the biggest party weekends of the year.  They said everything that was on the shelves was everything that they had,” says Dion Beary, Charlotte resident.

But, right across the state line, the business of booze is booming at Frugal MacDoogal Beverage Warehouse in Ft. Mill.  Their parking lot was filled with cars Friday afternoon, many of those cars had North Carolina license plates.  One customer recorded video from inside the store, and there were no empty shelves.

WCCB News reached out to the Mecklenburg County ABC Board.  Chief Financial Officer Mike Tully released a statement:

“Our staff is not providing interviews at this time, as they are focused on solutions in meeting customers demands around the current supply chain disruptions that are resulting in low product availability and staffing.”

Tully’s office says when making comparisons between the supply in Mecklenburg County and in South Carolina, it comes down to numbers.  There’s simply more people and businesses in Mecklenburg County being served, they say.

The Mecklenburg County ABC Board is hiring.  For more information about job openings click here.


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