Lincoln, NC – The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a theft from a Lowes’s Hardware store in Denver of more than $7,000 worth of copper wire. 

Deputies responded to the Lowes Hardware store on Tuesday, June 28th  after receiving a call stating that four people walked into the store, split into groups of two, and went directly to the electrical aisle. 

Deputies say the four suspects loaded the wire into two shopping carts and walked out of the store through the self-checkout area.

Once in the parking lot the suspects loaded the stolen wire into a red Nissan Versa and a black SUV and left the store, according to a news release. 

A loss prevention officer for Lowes told a detective he recognized some of the group members as being involved in thefts at other Lowes in the area. 

Anyone with information is asked to call the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office at 704-732-9050 or call Crimestoppers at 704-763-8909


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