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The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane season may be off to a slower start than in years past, but we’re still on track for an above-average period. Tropical Storm Bonnie has formed in the southern Caribbean and is making a beeline for Central America. While this means it won’t threaten the Carolinas, it’s still something to watch. This is because it looks poised to become only the 20th storm on record (since 1851) to survive an oceanic crossover in the Western Hemisphere.

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Bonnie should remain a tropical storm as it makes landfall in Nicaragua before strengthening again over the eastern Pacific. Assuming it maintains tropical storm strength, it will remain Bonnie despite the crossover — the 2022 Pacific Hurricane Season has its own set of names. Interestingly enough, we’ve already had a crossover storm this year: Hurricane Agatha in the Pacific made landfall in Mexico and dissipated, but its remnants re-organized to become Tropical Storm Alex in the western Atlantic. The reason why Agatha didn’t carry over this name is that it lost both tropical strength (>39 mph) and characteristics before re-forming into Alex.

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Bonnie won’t be an issue for us, but the National Hurricane Center (NHC) is monitoring a possible area of development closer to home. It only has a 10% chance of becoming our next named storm, but anything this close to the Carolinas warrants watching. Our WCCB Weather Team will keep you posted as we head deeper into hurricane season.


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