What looks like a kangaroo or a wallaby was spotted Monday afternoon in Gastonia


A wallaby spotted Monday afternoon in Gastonia is being relocated after animal control discovered it was owned by a private owner, which is illegal.

Officials with Gaston County Animal Control say no charges have been processed yet since the owner is cooperating with them.

The owner has contacts and is trying to legally rehome the wallaby.

Officials say it was first seen in a neighborhood near the 100 block of Maple ave.

 “Earlier this morning we had a resident call in about a wallaby seen in someone’s yard. We went out to check on it and located the animal owner. She will be relocating the animal and we will be following up. There are no reports that the animal caused any problems in the community.” – Capt. Matt Hensley of Gaston County Police Department who oversees Gaston County Animal Care and Enforcement.

Original Story (7/11/22):

Bryan Southers spotted what appears a wallaby hopping around at the corner of E Maple and Elizabeth St in Gaston county on Monday afternoon. He said he has no idea where the marsupial came from.

If you see this animal please call the Gaston County Animal Care and Enforcement at 704-922-8677




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