HICKORY, N.C. — On Tuesday, the City of Hickory released video of the wooden arches collapsing.

They reached out to local businesses to find security video.

The city says that they are glad that no one was hurt and that these videos have been shared with the contractors to aid in their investigation.

This is a developing story.


FEBRUARY 18, 2022:

HICKORY, N.C. — The wooden arches over a pedestrian bridge in Hickory have collapsed after high winds Thursday night.

This happened overnight on the Rudy Wright Bridge over N.C. 127.

There are no initial reports of injuries.

Main Avenue NE on either side of the bridge is closed.

The arches ran 178 feet across and stood 60 feet high above the historic Hickory city walk. Construction on the arches was just completed last year.

It’s unclear what exactly caused the arches to topple.


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