While no single day ahead will be a washout, many of us will get upwards of 2″ through Friday.

Our rain-free streak in Charlotte has reached an 11th day this Sunday, but don’t expect any more additions from here. An expansive rainmaking system is slowly heading our way, which will bump up rain chances for much of the week ahead. While no single day this week will be a washout, many communities will receive upwards of 2″ through Friday. With the clouds and rain comes cooler temperatures in the 60s and 70s for the next seven days.

Tonight: Clouds build. Showers late. Low: 67°. Wind: SW 5-10.

Monday: Cloudy with scattered showers. High: 80°. Wind: SW 5-10.

Monday Night: Clouds and showers continue. Low: 69°. Wind: Light.

Tuesday: Showers and storms, heavy at times. High: 78°. Wind: SE 5-10.


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