CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As students prepare to go back to school this fall in some form or fashion, parents may need some help preparing themselves. School during a pandemic has revealed some difficulties for parents who haven’t been inside a classroom in years or decades. Many parents forgot everything they learned about trigonometry and calculus so when their kids come to them with help for homework, what’s a parent going to do?

You can search Google for answers but a smartphone app can make things easier as well as help students learn how to solve the problems (not just get the answers).

Mathway is a popular app among students and educators as it not only helps students see answers to difficult problems but shows them the steps to find the answer. Mathway helps with basic math, calculus, algebra, chemistry, statistics, and other subjects. You simply enter the problem using the scientific calculator, or speak the mathematical problem into the smartphone and Mathway will display the answer. You can also take a photo of the problem with the smartphone camera which is the preferred way for most students since it involves just one step.

Mathway instantly shows the answer and will display the steps involved in reaching the correct answer.

Mathway is a free app but the free version forces you to watch annoying advertisements before revealing each answer (and you have to watch the entire 30-seconds). The free version also does not display steps for every question.

A premium subscription that removes the ads and shows more information on how to solve the problem is $9.99/month or $39.99 for a year. Mathway can also be used on a computer at its website www.mathway.com


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