CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Wilson took us to Camp North End, sharing the story of the artist behind the popular @CLTChalkArt instagram account.
When Michelle Walsh’s chalk art journey began, the only goal was to share some joy during an otherwise depressing time in the early days of the pandemic in March of 2020. It all began as quote scribbles on neighborhood sidewalks, and has evolved into something much more – public art that educates and inspires!
Michelle is self taught, a mom, and like many people, she faced numerous challenges during the pandemic. Her temporary art pieces survive on her @CLTChalkArt page long after they’ve faded from sidewalks and concrete spaces. Her work ranges from Dr. Suess and Maya Angelou quotes, to health messages about the importance of wearing a mask and helping the community.
You can see more of her creations on Instagram at @CLTChalkArt.


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