CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Wilson was in Huntersville at Duck Donuts checking out the Spooky Box for Halloween and also sharing the story about some specially designed donuts that will help the American Cancer Society!

The Spooky Box is back at Duck Donuts, you can try the Ants Marching, Brain Bits, Spider Web, Dirt n Worm and other Halloween selections! All of the Spooky Box flavors, including Full Moon, Halloween Ghost, Boo Berry, Pumpkin, and Werewolf will be available till the end of October.

Duck Donuts in Charlotte and Huntersville are also hosting a special fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Phaedra Pistone, Laura Renegar and Susie Bell designed and named donuts for Breast Cancer Awareness Weekend at Duck Donuts, October 15-17th.
Proceeds from The Susie Q (chocolate icing with cinnamon, peanuts, bacon and caramel drizzle), The Pink Crown (strawberry icing with apples and marshmallow drizzle) and The Pink Warrior (pumpkin icing with streusel) will benefit the American Cancer Society. These donuts will be available October15-17 in the Charlotte and Huntersville Duck Donut stores only! More info at DuckDonuts.com


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